DW Records Launch The Magic Brothers

Magic brothers

I’m really excited to announce the Launch of my first album on DW Records.

Magic Brothers – The Magic Line

My name is Woody, and I’m the drummer of the World famous British band Madness.

I’ve been writing music with my younger brother Nick for years now, and between us we’ve produced, and recorded an album we’re really proud of.

I have over 34 years of experience, and have got to know people from all sides of the music world, both artistic, and business. They, like me, are passionate about getting great music out there to as many people as possible.

Although Nick and I have written songs for Madness (check out Leon, and Kitchen Floor on the latest album), ‘The Magic Line’ draws from a wider range of musical influences from the Beatles to Pink Floyd.

The album is full of vocal harmonies reminiscent of ELO, and Supertramp, enhanced by my wife Siobhan Fitzpatrick who was guest vocalist on Madness’s Small World (again, check out Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da).  My daughter Mary also makes an appearance singing backing vocals on the sweet, and catchy ‘Sunshine’.  A real family affair.

Up-tempo, uplifting songs such as ‘Always be with you’ ‘Downtown’ and ‘They tell you’ have big brass arrangements courtesy of Mike Kearsey, (currently on tour with Robbie Williams)  ’You don’t have to hide your love away ‘ is a cross between Madness, and the Carpenters, and Magic Brothers part 2, and The River, both show off Nick’s guitar skills with outstanding solos. ‘Frank’ is a song about an old man Nick met at a bus stop in Romford, and is in the vein of Ian Dury, while the closing track ‘The Magic Line’ takes you on a train journey back in the 70′s, that could be the sound track to a Harry Potter film.

The album is released on September 16th, and you can catch up with the Magic Brothers and all the wonderful musicians who played on it, at www.magicbrothers.com